Pro Dynamic Physical Therapy is a company with a patient-centered approach.  Just as no two people are the same, neither are the rehabilitation or performance programs we design.  We listen to the patient’s goals and create a plan specific to their needs.  The interventions and protocols we utilize are evidence-based, meaning there has been research conducted that substantiates their usage in addressing the deficit in question. 

We understand that time is of the essence and our goal is to get you back to life, work, and recreation as soon as possible.  Patient education is a hallmark of our treatment programs.  Each patient is educated on their condition and how to mitigate its negative symptoms in both the short and long term.  This approach teaches the patient how to manage their symptoms rather than be at the mercy of them. 

At PDPT we understand the importance of communication.  Rehabilitation programs are modified nearly every visit depending on the feedback received from the patient.  We feel it is important to empower the patient and allow them to have input on the progression of their program.  While you are in our clinic, you will be the focus of our attention.  You will be treated and supervised by a physical therapist at all times.  If you would like further information or to schedule an appointment please give us a call.  We would appreciate the opportunity to address your needs.