"His expertise is outstanding"
After over a year of constant pain, Travis has helped me on a fast track to recovery of my left knee.  His expertise is outstanding.  Not only do I highly recommend him, I am thankful for the recommendation I received from my doctor.

L. L.

"Hands down he is the best"
Travis has been one of the most amazing therapists I have seen in this area.  Being a therapist myself, and taking my daughter to other local therapy companies, I have to say hands down he is the best! Not only is he very knowledgeable but very friendly and compassionate.  When you see him you will get his full undivided attention and care; which is not the case at most places. My daughter has been in therapy at other locations and we have seen little results.  The results we have seen in just the few months of being with Travis have been amazing!! I can't say enough good things...I would definitely recommend him to anyone needing a great PT!


Travis is an utmost professional, incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, informative and committed to my personal recovery. I’ve seen a number of therapists, none compare to the level and quality of care I receive at Pro Dynamic.

I’ve had two hips replaced and two knee surgeries within the last 9 months, and Travis has efficiently brought me back to full strength after each of them.
I have total confidence in Travis...
— Google Review by G.G.
"I'm feeling better thanks to Travis"
Travis, is hands on with his clients. He explains what he is doing and why. I went to his office twice a week for about seven weeks after a fall. He worked to get my range of motion back. Plus working on regaining strength. Happy to say I'm feeling better thanks to Travis. I would send my friends and family to Pro Dynamic PT without question because of the wonderful care I got there. Thanks Travis


"You won't go wrong if you choose this merchant"
Couldn't receive better care from Travis. He is very knowledgeable and gives me a variety of tools and exercises to do to heal my injury. You won't go wrong if you choose this merchant.


If you are seeking physical therapy or have concerns with a bodily injury, I would strongly suggest giving Pro Dynamic a try. Travis has the knowledge and skills that far exceed any physical therapist I have worked with in the past. Thanks for helping me on my road to recovery!
— Google Review by A.P.
"Travis really listens and truly cares about his patients"
I strained my calf muscle while playing tennis and decided to look into physical therapy to speed up my healing time and to learn what to do to prevent it from happening again. After a little bit of research, I found Travis at Pro Dynamic Physical Therapy. I went in for a consultation and within minutes, I knew Pro Dynamic was the choice for me. Travis is very professional and knowledgeable and after assessing my injury, gave me his recommendation for treatment. Of course, I had conducted my own internet research about calf strain treatment and Travis included everything I expected as part of my treatment plan. Travis spent a full hour working with me each time I went in for therapy, which included massaging the calf, ultrasound, stretching and strengthening exercises, ice and that electrical muscle stimulation machine.
Because Travis spends so much time with his patients, he makes sure they are doing the exercises correctly. This was a big deal to me. When I have gone to my regular doctor for injuries, I have gotten a piece of paper with exercises or a link to a video. Even with the video, it isn't always easy to see exactly how to do the exercises or to know where you should be feeling the stretch.
Travis told me it would be 4 - 6 weeks before I could return to tennis. Even though he knew I wanted to get back out there asap, he didn't pretend he could get me better any sooner than he knew was possible. I started back after 5 weeks, but now I am very diligent about doing the stretching routine Travis gave me.
In addition to my calf strain, I asked Travis for some good stretches for chronic back pain. I already had some stretches I was doing, but he suggested a variation on the hamstring stretch that I was doing so it would not aggravate my sciatica. He also gave me a couple of other stretches and strengthening exercises for my back and made sure I was doing them correctly. I have incorporated the back stretches into my pre-tennis stretching routine and I also do some of the stretches and the strengthening exercises after playing tennis. It has been about a month since I returned to tennis. My calf is doing great and my back is feeling better than it has in a long time. I will definitely go to Pro Dynamic Physical Therapy if I ever find myself in need of physical therapy again. Travis really listens and truly cares about his patients. He doesn't try to keep you in therapy longer than necessary so he can make more money. He is friendly, caring, knowledgeable, experienced, ethical and professional. He really is an all-around great guy!


Travis at Pro Dynamic PT is a true professional and focused on his clients wellness. I had a terrible experience at another PT facility where they were overly aggressive in their approach. Travis has consistently rehabilitated my severe back injury to where I am back to exercise and a path to health! Thank you Travis for your professionalism & care!
— Google Review by S.B.